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Our collections offer a diverse product tech utility to your life pursuits. CWT focus is specifically to research products for improved comfort and productivity.


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product development

Our product R&D department is looking for the next tech that brings utility to your life


material testing

field testing


We are all about tech utility


Our passion is finding utility in products that will be part of your daily life

Finding utility in products

Auto, Travel, Work


Child development

Rest and relaxation

Sports  goods


 We are continuously searching for new products to add to our collections. Designed to bring ease and utility to your busy life.

 Our team focus to find, test and recommend new technologies that improve your daily regimen.

 We trial our products in our own homes, workplaces, travel, and Leisure. We are looking for a product to fit your life. Not your life to fit the product.

 Our research includes reading all feedback to catch the trend overall opinion. And we also look for the outlier comment that may give us the insight to improve our product development direction.



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We believe our lives are shifting into a new world thanks to tech logistics. Shopping is at your fingertips then brought to your door. Quality is being moved to higher levels due to merchant desire to please their customers. We see significant improvement from our vendors to their end customers.