We utilize platforms to bring that unintrusive ad experience to the desired space. Targeted advertisements allow for product viewing to customer intentions.

We utilize trending media to offer product suggestions concurrent with customer viewing choices.


CPC data offers crucial trending KPI's for our marketing to move with the customer choices. CWT uses CPC to launch products with real feedback data for our clients to see their marketing campaign ROI's in real reporting form


CWT marketing sees the melted digital experiences of Social media, shopping solutions, and entertainment venues.

Using models created by data aggregators we control advertising resources to use the social impacts for product marketing insertions.


Merchandising solutions

CWT engages a strategy to market products to the correct customer platform to maximize sales and reduce stranded products.

CWT merchandising team utilizes the latest data aggregators to target trend information for strategic product insertion into markets.

Our Solutions

Logistics solutions

prep and ship companies

financial solution providers

sales platforms

product manufacturers

Wholesale - North America


Next Steps...

Contact our merchandising team to have a personal marketing plan developed for your products.

E-comm allows for personal presentation to multiple media platforms.



smart phones

media content insertion